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What is Gold Accumulation Program (GAP)

Gold Savings Program.

Gold Accumulation Program ( GAP ) is a method of short and long-term savings plan at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 %. Now you can start accumulate your Gold Bullion as low as 1gm every month. It is the easiest method of Gold Saving Program at the moment.

Four (4) advantages of Gold Accumulation Program - GAP as follows :

  1. Change Your Money to Gold anytime.
  2. Buy Gold at Low Price .
  3. Buy Gold online 24/7 without the need to go to the Gold Shop.
  4. Your Physical Gold is kept by the Company and can be withdrawn at anytime.

GAP - Gold Accumulation Program is just like CPF Money for Singaporean. The only different between them is that you save Money in CPF but you save Gold in GAP  GAP is the easiest method for you to build your own asset in Gold which you can plan for short and long-term goals.

Here are some examples:

Short-term (1–3 years)

  • Emergency fund (3–6 months of living expenses, just in case)
  • Vacation / Umrah
  • Down payment for a car

Long-term (4+ years)

  • Retirement*
  • Your child’s education*
  • Down payment for a home etc
  • Planning for Haj (Muslim)

You can also monitor the GAP Account at anytime and anywhere by login to Public Gold back office. Below is the example of GAP Account Statement .

You can withdraw it from your account in the form of Physical Gold Bar or Gold Dinar.  This can be done by visiting Public Gold nearest Branch Office i.e  Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  

Below picture shows 1gm to 1kg Gold Bar and Gold Dinar Coins which can be withdrawn from the GAP Account.

Picture : 1 gm Gold Bar for memorable gift to your loved ones

Picture : 5gm to 1kg Gold Bar and Gold Dinar Coins

If you're ready to start the Gold Accumulation Program - GAP. Just click below button or CLICK HERE Now !!! 

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